Welcome to RPEC-India

A startup for providing speed to an Indian agriculture by implementing concept to innovative ideas and customized machinery.

Something about Me & My work

I personally believe that there are numerous processing machinery available in market but that are very expensive and only few farmers can afford it. We are trying to give consultancy especially to agricultural persons for betterment of their concepts and projects which will indirectly lead to increase in farmers income. So, our company is focusing on farmer problems specially in organic farming.


Spread the power ideas and work hard, every day to make “farmers and farming” the world's most respected job by promote agriculture through their knowledge, problems with an action of removing barriers and accelerating productivity.


To put farmers at the centre of evolution of both for organic food and agricultural productivity by the most innovative agriculture solutions for creating a better life for every farmer.


Special focus on impact, success, innovation and teamwork to reach beyond boundaries and experiment with entrepreneurial spirit by adhering to principles of quality work and respect for individuals.

My Recent Works

These are some of my special project on which I worked to developed, Implemented, optimized instruments for farmers